War in Ukraine: national hero and grain millionaire killed in Mykolaiv

War in Ukraine: national hero and grain millionaire killed in Mykolaiv

Abroad Mykolayiv

National hero and grain millionaire killed in southern Ukraine

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Zelenskyi wants to evacuate Donbass – “But people don’t want to leave”

Faced with massive Russian attacks in the east, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy urged people to leave the Donetsk region. Reporter Steffen Schwarzkopf says the intention is not to cede the areas to Russia, but just to bring people to safety.

One of the most important grain traders was killed in Russian attacks. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government decided to force the evacuation of residents of the Donetsk region. An overview.

During Russian attacks on southern Ukraine city Mykolayiv one of Ukraine’s most important grain traders was killed. According to Ukrainian authorities, Oleksiy Vadaturskyj, owner of the most important Ukrainian grain logistics company Nibulon, died in his building along with his wife Raisa. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak has accused the online service Telegram of “premeditated murder”.

Podoljak wrote that Vadaturskyj was not killed by accident. The bullet hit the bedroom of the family house, there were no “doubts”: “Vadaturskyj was the target.” Employer”.

Millionaire Vadaturskyj was considered a national hero in Ukraine and ranked 24th in Forbes magazine’s ranking of the richest Ukrainians. Before the Russian war of aggression, his company exported grain to 70 countries.

Ukraine reports new ‘massive’ bombing of Mykolaiv

The southern regional capital, Mykolaiv, has been under attack by Russian troops almost daily for weeks. As of Sunday morning, the city was “massively” and “probably harder than ever” under attack, Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych said on the Telegram online service. Several residential buildings were damaged. “Several fires broke out in the affected areas.” The mayor initially did not provide any information about those injured or killed.


The current situation in Ukraine

Source: WORLD Infographic

Two men succumbed to injuries sustained in an attack on a bus stop at Mykolayiv hospital on Friday. The death toll from this attack has risen to seven.

In the neighboring region conquered by Russia Kherson the Ukrainian army recently launched a counter-offensive. Also other Ukrainian cities in the south and east of the country such as Kharkov and Slovak were shot over the weekend.

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The United States is seeing increasing signs that Russia is invading Ukraine’s eastern regions. donetsk and luhansk as well as the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the UN Security Council on Friday. This must be done, among other things, by appointing illegitimate representatives in Russian-controlled areas.

The aim is to hold false referendums or decrees to join Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov officially named this war objective, explained the UN ambassador.

Zelenskyy wants to evacuate Donbass

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged residents of the Donetsk region to leave the region in eastern Ukraine. “Please evacuate,” he said in a video speech Saturday night. “At this stage of the war, terror is one of Russia’s main weapons.” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk had previously announced the forced evacuation of the entire population of the Donetsk region.

People need to stay safe before the heating season because the gas networks have been destroyed, Vereshchuk said on Ukrainian television. However, thousands of civilians, including children, are still in the heavily contested area, Zelenskyy said. According to the Ukrainian government, there are 52,000 children in the region who urgently need to be brought to a safe place.

“The more people who leave the region now, the fewer people the Russian army will kill,” the president said. Local authorities would help with the evacuation, the president promised. “We are not Russia. We will do everything to save as many lives as possible and limit Russian terrorism as much as possible.”

Stay – only at your own risk

Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, who heads the evacuation team, stressed that people who wanted to stay had to sign a declaration stating that they were aware of the danger to their lives. She warned that there would be no heating in winter. “There is absolutely no gas connection in the Donetsk region, all the gas pipelines that needed to be repaired were repaired. But unfortunately, the enemy continues to destroy everything that would help people stay warm in winter,” she said on Unity TV.

Six people were killed and at least 15 were injured in Russian attacks in the eastern region on Friday.