War in Ukraine live Kyiv announces delivery of first British

War in Ukraine, live: Kyiv announces delivery of first British helicopter; Berlin singled out after its refusal to deliver its Leopard tanks

Cover photo: A woman pauses to look at Ukrainian flags placed in memory of those killed in the war near Independence Square, Kyiv, January 20, 2023. Daniel Cole/AP

  • Kyiv on Saturday deplored the West’s “indecisiveness” on heavy tank deliveries while some of its European allies have openly criticized Germany after it refused to supply its Leopard tanks to Ukraine when the Russians were on the offensive.
  • The fifty or so countries represented in Ramstein did not agree on Friday to send heavy tanks to Kyiv. Quote from The Voice of America, However, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said Ukrainian soldiers would soon be training on Leopards in Poland.
  • Mr Reznikov announced on Saturday that he had received Britain’s first Sea King helicopter, “an important reinforcement for the Ukrainian Navy”. He didn’t say how many were delivered, but London pledged in November to supply Kyiv with three helicopters.
  • Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said on Sunday to the national Sunday newspaper picture on Sunday that he plans to visit Ukraine soon“probably within the next four weeks”.
  • On Saturday, the Russian army claimed to have been conducting “offensive operations” in Zaporizhia Oblast (southern Ukraine).which made it possible “ more advantageous lines and positions”, without giving further details.
  • Russia also announced that it had conducted air defense exercises near Moscow. to protect its critical infrastructure in the event of “airstrikes” in the context of the conflict with Ukraine.
  • RT France, the French subsidiary of Russian broadcaster RT that has been suspended in the European Union, announced its “closure” on Saturday. the day after his bank accounts were frozen. Moscow has promised to retaliate against French media in Russia.

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