War in Ukraine live British Defense Minister visits Kiev

War in Ukraine, live: British Defense Minister visits Kiev

Cover photo: In eastern Ukraine, September 27, 2023. – / AFP

  • According to the Institute for the Study War, Ukrainian forces made a slight advance near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. Progress is also possible in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in the south of the country, while the Russian army apparently no longer controls a number of trenches in Verbowe.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda channel broadcast new images of Black Sea Fleet commander Viktor Sokolov on Wednesday, whose death Ukrainian special forces had announced two days earlier. It is not known when the interview was conducted. According to the Russian press, Viktor Sokolov had already taken part in a meeting of the Defense Ministry Board via video conference on Tuesday.
  • The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol was bombed on Friday “at the request and in coordination with American and British intelligence services.”the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.
  • The “Wagner Group no longer exists” for the office of Ukrainian President. Mykhaïlo Podoliak estimated that the “media effect” of the return of Wagner Group militiamen to eastern Ukraine “is more significant than the return itself.”
  • According to British intelligence services, a new major offensive by the Russian army is unlikely in the short term. The Russian army most likely for the first time deployed parts of its recently formed 25th Army, whose deployment in Ukraine began at the end of August, which seems to rule out the hypothesis of a new major offensive in the coming weeks.
  • German prosecutors have opened an investigation into a possible war crime committed in the town of Hostemel, near Kiev, as part of Russia’s invasion of the country. The prosecution suspects the Russian army of “shooting and wounding civilians, including a person of German nationality,” a spokesman told Agence France-Presse on Thursday.
  • Germany delays sending Taurus missiles to Ukraineout of fear that German technicians would be sent there, which could lead Germany into a direct confrontation with Russia, writes the Wall Street Journal.
  • According to the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office, Russian forces launched attacks on populated areas in the northern Donetsk Oblast on Wednesday. In the message posted on Facebook, the prosecutor – who says an investigation has been opened – announces that one person was killed and four others were injured.

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