War in Ukraine, great preparations on both fronts: the West is thinking about spring, Russia about the future…

War in Ukraine, great preparations on both fronts: the West is thinking about spring, Russia about the future…

The military point 336 | The United States and Europe are examining how to make support for Kyiv more effective. Moscow wants to review the army to increase its capabilities and prolong the challenge

The West is examining how support for Kyiv can be made more effective, Moscow wants to review the army to increase its capabilities and prolong the challenge. Large maneuvers with medium and long-term effects.


The new news comes from the pages of the New York Times. The United States has drawn on its ammunition depots in Israel and South Korea in recent months. In particular, the shells of heavy artillery that were airlifted to Ukraine. A move dictated by the massive use of cannons at a rate of 90,000 shots per month. A number that – according to the newspaper – far exceeds American and European production. Four dates.

• Jerusalem and Seoul have consistently refused to supply war material to the resistance. They are two countries at the center of critical theatre.

• Washington has pledged to fill the gaps. The topic of supplies comes up, one wonders if the Ukrainians will have enough.

• These and other aids will be discussed with the Donor Summit tomorrow in Ramstein, Germany. On the eve of US and European exponents vying for maximum engagement, we’ll see if in the end it’s decided to send tanks imitating Britain and France.

• Another priority area is anti-aircraft systems to counter invaders’ missile attacks. After the USA and Germany, Holland has also promised a battery of Patriots.

Leaks suggest a US “package” is imminent, which appears to be huge. Details are currently unknown.


US Chief of Staff Mark Milley met his Ukrainian counterpart Valerii Zaluzhnyi for the first time at an undisclosed location in southern Poland. Consultations on forthcoming initiatives on the ground, on Kiev’s needs, on the tactical aspects, on the coordination needed to make aid flow more smoothly with immense difficulties: funds of different origins, non-uniform training, constant requests for the replacement of equipment lost in the Combat – the numbers are very high – and received more modern. In addition to the “tank” question, there is always the Ukrainian question of long-range missiles: they want them so that they “hit” even deeper in the back of the occupiers, troop concentrations, bases. A point on which the White House continues to hold back. For the rest, the NATO signals are concrete – albeit with many differences in quality and quantity – and formal. The table published by the Pentagon (photo above) documenting the masses of material transported by planes, ships and trains this year is interesting. Speaking of rail, the Ukrainian railroad, which has always been effective despite attacks, has announced the reopening of a line with Romania, a key outlet for goods and people.

The reorganization

Russia is launching a major restructuring of the armed forces to be implemented in 2023-2026, the long-term goal is to reach over one and a half million soldiers. The reform needs to invest in each sector, it sees the establishment of new military commands and districts (Moscow, Leningrad), the creation of important units for use on the border with Finland and others in Ukraine, the composition of 12 divisions and greater attention The message – according to the analysts of the Institute for the Study of War – is clear: the Kremlin believes that the conflict will last for a long time and wants to have the resources at its disposal to continue the announced “reform” by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu goes beyond this crisis. Vladimir Putin has a double horizon. The first is conditional: a short-term victory. Therefore, he sacrificed hundreds of soldiers and mercenaries in the attack on Soledar and Bakhmut. Important locations – emphasizes former Australian General Miki Ryan – but not crucial to the structure. A different perspective than that of Zelensky, who will try to continue his reconquest this year. However, these are always general scenarios that are susceptible to change. The Neo-Tsar’s second horizon is to advance the superpower reboot, and to achieve it he must resolutely impose a change of pace. In the meantime, he could order a new reserve call. Today, Putin himself reiterated that “victory is inevitable,” a phrase as obvious as one might like, but placed within the framework of mobilization, from the war industry to the individual platoon.

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