War in Ukraine Did Bonduelle send Christmas packages to Russian

War in Ukraine: Did Bonduelle send Christmas packages to Russian soldiers? Southwest

This invasion was condemned by most countries in the world, but also by the big western companies, most of which left Russia. But some have stayed, like the French food company Bonduelle. The brand’s subsidiary announced that it would continue its activities in Russia “with the sole aim of ensuring the population’s access to essential food”. But as of Saturday, December 31, the group has been embroiled in the controversy.

10,000 packages for Christmas

In fact, Bonduelle is accused of delivering Christmas packages to Russian soldiers. Pictures circulated on social networks showing packaging that would have been offered by the food brand. Internet users accuse the Russian subsidiary of the French multinational of having sent around 10,000 Christmas packages to Russian soldiers. Mainly canned vegetables, which would have been accompanied by a card bearing the following message: “Dear Soldier, Happy New Year! We wish you all the best and a quick victory! “, as the journalist Stéphane Kenech reports on Twitter.

call for a boycott

These allegations were immediately and firmly denied by Bonduelle in a press release shared on the social network. “On December 30, Russian social media disseminated misleading information about our activities in Russia. The information and statements attributed to the Bonduelle company and its management are false,” the company writes.