War in Ukraine China would deliver quotTypes of military equipmentquot

War in Ukraine: China would deliver "Types of military equipment" to Russia, according to a diplomatic adviser to Macron

The essence China has always maintained a neutral position in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Emmanuel Bonne, Beijing supplies “types of military equipment” to Russia. “There are indications that they are doing things that we would rather not do,” said Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic adviser during a public intervention at the Aspen Security Forum (Colorado), broadcast on social networks and broadcast by Le Parisien.

“As far as we know, they are not delivering massive military capabilities to Russia,” he said. According to a French diplomatic source told AFP, the adviser was referring to “possible deliveries of dual-use technologies” for both civilian and military purposes.

“I want China to show that it is a credible partner”

“Everything is complicated while the Ukrainian counter-offensive is underway… What we need most from China is that it refrain from supplying arms,” ​​continued Emmanuel Bonne. “I want China to show that it’s a credible partner” to end the war in Ukraine, he said, admitting “we don’t have any evidence.”

China has always been careful to remain neutral in the conflict and not supply arms to Russia or Ukraine. In addition, Moscow said on Friday it had conducted a joint exercise with Beijing in the Sea of ​​Japan, during which the armed forces of both countries “trained to repel an attack from a small, high-speed moving target,” according to the Russian public agency TASS.