1693552469 War between Ukraine and Russia todays news Kievs offensive continues

War between Ukraine and Russia, today’s news. Kiev’s offensive continues: drones near the Kurchatov nuclear power plant. Fire on the outskirts of Moscow

airstrike in the Russian region Pskov, not far from the Latvian border. The attack was apparently carried out using drones, against which Russian anti-aircraft fire was activated.

Voting for the regional assembly and city councils of 16 municipalities has begun in the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia region. Kiev’s appeal to Ukrainians: “Don’t vote.” Meanwhile, Chinese leader Xi may not attend the G20 summit in India.

The war in Ukraine, what is there to know?

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    Zelensky: “No doubt about Italy’s fundamental support”


Zelensky: “No doubt about Italy’s fundamental support”

“We never had any doubts about Italy’s fundamental support for Ukraine,” the president said, thanking him Volodymyr Zelenskyy Lecture via video link with the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio.


Ukraine, 2 dead and 7 injured in recent attacks

Russian forces launched attacks on seven regions last day, killing two people and wounding seven. In Donetsk, one person was killed and another injured in Russian attacks in Myrne near Slovyansk, the governor said Pavlo Kyrylenko. In the Kharkiv region, Governor Oleh Syniehubov said Moscow forces continued to focus their attacks on areas bordering Russia and occupied territories. Russian forces attacked the center of Kupiansk with anti-aircraft missiles, injuring a 61-year-old man. One man was also injured in the shelling of the village of Kopanka. Governor Oleksandr Prokudin reported 61 attacks in Kherson Oblast last day, leaving one person dead and another injured. The city of Kherson it was bombed 14 times. According to the Kherson military administration, a tractor was blown up by a mine in Nova Kamianka yesterday and the 62-year-old driver was injured. According to the military administration, 87% of camps in Kherson Oblast are still covered in Russian explosives. In Zaporizhia Oblast, a 52-year-old woman and a 67-year-old man were injured in Russian attacks in Huliaipole, while a 59-year-old man was hit by artillery in Orikhiv, Governor Yuriy Malashko said, adding in recent days Russian Attacks hit 21 settlements across the region.


Media: “Fire in a southwestern district of Moscow”

A big fire broke out this morning Fly: RBC-Ukraine reports, citing local Telegram channels. According to these sources, the flames were caused by a “drone attack.” The fire was reported in a southwestern neighborhood of the capital, but it is not yet clear what is burning. At the moment there are no official confirmations.


Media: “First Abrams tanks arrive in mid-September”

Ukraine is expected to receive the first ten of the 31 promised Abrams tanks in mid-September. Politico reported this, citing a US Defense Department official and another source familiar with the facts. The 70-ton tanks are currently being overhauled in Germany, the official said, adding that they will be shipped to Ukraine once the work is completed. According to the website, Kiev’s allies envision the Abrams being designed to give Ukrainian forces the advantage they need to overcome strong Russian defenses in their counteroffensive. Around 200 Ukrainian soldiers have now completed the training program on American tanks at the Hohenfels training center in Germany.


Russia: “Ukrainian drones” over Kurchatov, the site of the nuclear power plant

Two Ukrainian drones attacked the city Kurchatov, where a nuclear power plant is located, in Russia’s Kursk region, damaging an administrative building and a residential building. This was announced by the governor of the region. Roman Starovoit. “In the morning, Kurchatov was attacked by two Ukrainian drones. The administration building and a residential building were damaged. Specialists went to the scene to assess the extent of the damage. Details are currently being worked out,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. Kurchatov is about 70 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.


Russian defense: “Drone shot down in Moscow region”

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed to have shot down a drone over the territory Lyuberetsky, south of Moscow, to thwart “a terrorist attack by the Kiev regime.” “This morning, the air defense forces foiled another attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack using an unmanned aerial vehicle on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the ministry report quoted by local media said. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyaninsaid no one was injured.


Kiev forces are advancing in the Zaporizhia area

Ukrainian forces have entered the Zaporizhia region.
The Ukrainian army – we read on CNN – said that its units had advanced on two villages south and east of Robotyne.
“They are consolidating their positions,” the Army General Staff said.


Ukrainian drones attack Kurchatov

Two Ukrainian drones attacked the Russian city of Kurchatov in the Kursk region. This was announced by Governor Roman Starovoit. The drones damaged an administrative building and a residential building, he wrote. The emergency services assess the damage.


Drone attack in the Pskov region

Air strike in the Russian Psskov region, not far from the Latvian border. According to local sources on social media, the attack was said to have been carried out by drones against which Russian anti-aircraft fire was activated. The same sources speak of an attack on an airport with the destruction of an Ilyushin Il-76 strategic transport aircraft.

War between Ukraine and Russia todays news Kievs offensive continues


10 Abrams tanks arrive in mid-September

Ten of the promised 31 American Abrams tanks will arrive in Ukraine in mid-September. This is reported by the US newspaper “Politico”, citing some informed sources. Western officials said they hope the arrival of the tanks will give Kiev forces the edge they need to break through Russian defenses.


Air raid on Pskov, “unidentified object” discovered

A new airstrike in the Pskov region of Russia, not far from the border with Latvia. Oblast Governor Mikhail Vedernikov said there were reports of a “single, unidentified object” flying over Kresti district. Numerous videos were published on social media showing Russian anti-aircraft missiles in action to “neutralize” the object. In recent days, an airstrike on the Pskov military airport caused significant damage to the runway and some aircraft.