Want My C* and Magic Tongue: Viih Tube and Eliezer’s Spicy Reveals  Splash

Want My C* and Magic Tongue: Viih Tube and Eliezer’s Spicy Reveals Splash

Yesterday, Viih Tube, 22, surprised by sharing a “treat” she gave to boyfriend Eliezer, 32, on social media.

The influencer decorated a gift box with sayings about the loved one. Including “he wants my c * anyway”, “loves to have sex” and “likes it halfway”. On the cover adjectives like “picturesque” and “magic language”.

It’s not the first time the exBBBs have given their followers a “peek” into the couple’s intimate lives.


The first time was “disastrous”. Eliezer has already said that he had a cramp the first time he had sex with Viih. “It was terrible for me because I had a cramp at the time and couldn’t do anything. “I was in pain and I was like, ‘I hope she doesn’t realize what’s going on.’

Eliezer has already dropped Viih’s panties from his pocket. The couple were out when the unusual scene happened. “And one guy who looked at Eli and said something fell out of his pocket when we went to check it was my panties,” Viih said, showing the pink underwear in his partner’s pocket. She justified herself: “Since we always go out, I had left it on the hotel bed and he put it in his pocket”.

The former BBB also revealed he used sex toys with his girlfriend. On the same journey as the panties episode, Viih and Eli enjoyed a party full of sex toys. He later shared some of the gadgets he used with his mistress: “Veeh don’t want to leave here. We used some of them 10 minutes ago,” he emphasized.

Viih has already praised Eli’s talent in bed. “There was a side of Eli that I didn’t know. He is very attached to female lust. He’s trying really hard and has some hidden talents that I shouldn’t reveal!” she said in an interview with Otalab.

Eliezer said he “knew” Viih would get pregnant right after sex. “When the child was born, it was out of this world. When it was over, I felt it immediately. It was so crazy,” he said.

By the way, they discovered the pregnancy because the influencer began to feel pain in intimate moments. “We did things and every time we did things, she was in pain. Then I said to her, ‘I think you better go to a gynecologist to see what’s going on. ‘Or you’re pregnant or you have a cyst,'” Eli said in the video revealing the pregnancy.

The couple also shared in detail what their sex life was like during pregnancy. “Sex isn’t over yet. Our sex life still exists. But it’s changed and changing. Every week it’s different,” Eliezer said, explaining that there are positions that they used to do that Viih Tube doesn’t anymore are “comfortable”. Some “even scare her”, such as with Eliezer at the helm, because the famous woman is afraid of “hurting and squeezing Lua, the couple’s daughter”.

The exsister said that libido increased in early pregnancy. “Early on in the pregnancy I had a period of high libido. I think it was the hormones on the surface. I didn’t even recognize myself. I wanted and thought the whole time. Poor thing, Eli suffered.” he said to Otalab.

However, Viih “calmed down” a little later and said that Eliezer understood the situation. “Sometimes you’re tired, you just want to lie in bed, sleep and that’s it. […] At first I was too scared to open up to him because we were dating. We were people who really liked sex and had a lot of libido, we had this sexual connection.

“I’m lucky that Eli is a great partner. He never asked for that. But on the contrary. Sometimes I think he’s waiting for me to say I’m fine [para transar]. He really respects my moment as a pregnant woman.”