1667437408 Wanna Marchi bursts into tears on Belve thats why

Wanna Marchi bursts into tears on “Belve”: that’s why

  • The former queen of telesales ended up in Francesca Fagnani’s prison
  • The 80-year-old does not hold back the emotions and loses confidence for a few moments

Wanna Marchi is confident and doesn’t break down in front of the pressing and ‘awkward’ questions from Francesca Fagnani on TV. The former telesales queen, who ended up in prison for fraud with her daughter Stefania Nobile, is almost contemptuous in the interview beastsbut finally he capitulates and bursts into tears: last August he lost his partner, Francesco Campanawith which she has been associated for 35 years. She still can’t talk about him without crying.

Wanna Marchi breaks down in tears during interview with ‘Belve’: Here’s why

Wanna is unshakable: Despite everything, the 80-year-old seems invincible. Fagnani’s only moment of despair is due to her lost love. When the end credits of the show roll, some images are broadcast showing Marchi together with the journalist immediately after the end of the interview. For a few moments, Marchi loses the boldness that has always characterized her and collapses. He wipes his eyes and talks about Francesco.

The former queen of telesales ended up in Francesca Fagnani’s prison

Dry your eyes: she’s devastated

He was an extraordinary man. The only true man that God created was me‘ Wanna stresses in a broken voice. Francesca Fagnani approaches her guest and sympathizes, touched by her tears. “Sorry, I heard you were upset recently,” he tells her.

I don’t want to talk about the partner she’s been attached to for 35 years

He was the most important person in his life. On the occasion of his death on the social network, Wanna Campana had made a poignant dedication: “My love, you have given me 35 years of love, lightheartedness and happiness, but all of this will live on in my heart until the day we meet again.” . Thank you my love and it’s nice that you all say ‘a good person’, bon voyageā€¯.