Wanessa Camargo speaks out after rumors of a quarrel and

Wanessa Camargo speaks out after rumors of a quarrel and separation with Dado Dolabella and sends a message with a photo

As Zezé Di Camargo would say: It’s the most beautiful thing! This Wednesday (27), Wanessa Camargo spoke behind the scenes of the program “Melhor da Noite” about the news that her relationship with Dado Dolabella was in crisis. According to the singer, she and her lover continue to build “their own story.” Wanessa even published a story alongside the actor following the band’s appeal.

“I’m fine, I’m happy. Dado and I are together and building our story, even if others don’t want us to. It’s a relationship and people gossip without knowing anything,” he said.

In an article published by Portal Léo Dias, it was pointed out that the couple had a delicate argument last weekend. According to the report, the singer threw a “tantrum” and kicked the actor out of the house screaming and banned him from entering the condominium where they live together. The neighbors also reported to the journalist that there were “increasingly frequent” disagreements between them.

Wanessa and Dado have been together since last December. (Photo: Manu Scarpa/Brazil News)

However, Wanessa stated that she has gotten used to the rumors surrounding her love life, but admitted that she cannot always ignore what she described as “halftruths.” “I don’t mind the interest because I see a lot of affection and a lot of fans. It has a very good side. And there are people who hope that something will go wrong, who like to comment, criticize and judge. This is not a pretty site. “It’s very complicated,” he said.

“People talk and don’t really know. They are halftruths that they can never understand. Whoever is in this relationship knows what they are going through. Over time I learned that I didn’t care because otherwise I would go crazy and not be able to sing for 23 years. “For many moments it is difficult to deal with other people’s judgment, lies and untruths,” he continued. The artist declared herself Dado on Instagram. “My nest,” he wrote in the caption of a photo of the two together.

Amid the rumors, Wanessa posted a photo with Dado. (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)

In “Melhor da Noite”, Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter also spoke about her next project, the album “Livre”. Wanessa said the work is autobiographical and addresses the stories and changes she has faced over the years. “I will tell you a story that I lived. It is an autobiographical album and talks about all my experiences going through several changes in my life. “Many people live similar stories,” he explained.