Wanessa Camargo is tired in an interview and talks about Dado Dolabella; “I will not go mad”

St. Andrew, May 21, by Helen Batista Vanessa Camaro decided to open up the game to everything the media is talking about after the breakup Marcos Buaiz. She even talked about it in an interview Dolabella dates. So see what the portal Prime diary inquired about the matter.

The singer Vanessa Camaro came into the limelight after announcing her marriage to the manager Marcos Buaiz had reached the end. However, both made it clear that everything was done in mutual agreement and that respect always prevailed. However, speculation surfaced that she had resumed her relationship with her exboyfriend. Dolabella dates.

It all started with that, shortly before the columnist broke up Leo Dias said they met up with other friends. After that, rumors that they were dating came in full swing. But in an interview with Revista Caras, she opened up about what they’re talking about.

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Wanessa Camargo Says She’s Not Going Crazy About Dado Dolabella

One of the issues she commented on was the fact that it was said that she and Dado Dolabella met again: “I can’t shut people up. I’m not going to go crazy and sue everyone for everything, that’s not the role. That’s what I told you, the outside will increase, the hurricane will be there, and I’m here in the middle, solid and strong,” he made such assumptions clear.

Then, Vanessa Camaro spoke about the suggestion that he would fall into a depressed mood because of the breakup Marcos Buaiz: “I’ve spent my whole life experiencing moments like this. People say I’m depressed, I’m bad, I’m fine. I feel very good. Willing to work, wanting to do my thing, full of projects, and that’s the challenge I have to face now. Only you know what goes on in a thing, a life,” he concluded on the subject.

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Singer says she doesn’t pay attention to talking


Vanessa Camaro He also said he will not pay any attention to the conversation: “If there are people with intentions who want us to turn into a scream, I will not fall for this game.” In fact, he said, even Marcos Buaiz was impressed by everything they said.

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