Wanessa Camargo builds a hut and throws Dado Dolabella out

Wanessa Camargo builds a hut and throws Dado Dolabella out of the house after a fight With you!

Wanessa Camargo is causing havoc and may have ended her relationship with Dado Dolabella. Look what happened

Looks like Wanessa Camargo It is Dolabella data joins the list of couples who broke up this month. Everything indicates that the singer set up a hut in her mother’s house over the weekend Zilu Camargo and threw the actor out. The information comes from the Leo Dias portal.

According to neighbors, an argument broke out between the couple and the artist could be heard throwing her boyfriend out. It would also have banned the exA Fazenda from entering the luxury condominium where he lives in the USA. According to witness statements, the two had been arguing violently in recent weeks.

Zilu Camargo She even complained to close friends that she was tired of the couple’s arguments. Despite the argument, everything indicates that they reconciled this Monday (25) and that the actor has already returned to live in the American villa.

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The wave of celebrity breakups is giving people something to talk about on social media and in their relationships Wanessa Camargo It is Dolabella data You can join this list. It seems that their relationship is hanging by a thread. Understand what could happen:

Some neighbors of Vanessa They would notice the crises between the two. According to the columnist Fabia Oliveirathe Alphaville district of São Paulo, where the singer lives, would comment on Dado’s absence since he does not appear so often at his lover’s house.

The lovebirds were further away and the actor no longer accompanied the singer on her performances, said the journalist. It is recalled that the couple reconciled in October 2022 after more than 20 years of separation. Before dating, Vanessa was married to Marcus Buaizwith whom he had two children, Jose Marcus It is John Francisco.