Wandinha Season 2 May Release on Amazon Prime Video Not

Wandinha Season 2 May Release on Amazon Prime Video, Not Netflix

audience phenomenon,’Wandinha‘ is at risk of being deleted from Netflix. The series hit Netflix last November and has become a smash hit for the streaming giant.

Wandinha‘ had more audience than ‘stranger things‘ by racking up the longest oneweek airtime for an Englishlanguage series on Netflix 400 million hours in a week.

Despite its enormous successWandinha‘ has yet to be renewed by Netflix for a second series. The show’s popularity pretty much guarantees that will happen, but the question is where?

Netflix will be keen to keep the series on its platform, but the streamer may have no choice as “Wandinha‘ to be produced by MetroGoldwynMayer (MGM).

As Deadline reports, Amazon and MGM have completed a merger $8.5 billion (£7.06 billion) which means that the rights of ‘Wandinha‘ can go with her.

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That means Season 2 could debut on streaming giant Amazon, Prime videoand not on Netflix.

News about Season 2 and where it will be released will be announced shortly.

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