Volunteer members are on duty

Volunteer members are on duty

Even if Mother Nature wants us to believe that with the beautiful temperatures she is currently offering us, there will be no winter, we must not dream. There will be a winter season and a snowmobile season. The voluntary members of the association are currently in the middle of the preparations for the commissioning of the cross-country ski trail network.

“The volunteers work on preparing the trails. With a network as vast as Quebec’s, with 33,000 kilometers of trails, that’s a huge workload for the volunteers, says Michel Garneau, communications director for the Fédération des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec. An army of 4,500 volunteers will clear brush, rebuild bridge decks and more to keep the snowmobiling season running smoothly. This is a huge construction site in all of Quebec. »

Volunteers grow old. Succession is required to ensure survival of snowmobiling on the trails.

“We have problems. The average age of the volunteers is increasing, explains the expert. There are people leaving. Unfortunately, the succession is not plentiful enough. We are launching an invitation to people who want to get involved to do so with their association. Information is also available on the association’s website at www.fcmq.qc.ca. It explains what the role of a volunteer is. It is also certain that someone who communicates with their association quickly understands that the volunteers form a large family. It is also an opportunity to network with other snowmobile enthusiasts. »

During the interview, the expert specifically reminded how important it is to get your right of access during the presale.


“The platform for buying pre-purchase access rights has been open since October 3rd. $85 discount period ends December 9th. We urge fans to act quickly to avoid any technical issues that may have arisen over the past few days. People often wait until the last minute and the flood of requests is so great that the system has problems. To encourage fans to act fast, we’ve also created a contest for two $2,000 prizes, consisting of a $1,500 Visa prepaid card and a $500 gift card Splitting US dollars from our friends at ADM. »

Purchasing hiking permits in advance provides clubs with quick funding at this time of year when they need money.

“Clubs have really big expenses at the start of the season. Think about buying the diesel needed to power the machines. Also, they have to buy their signage or pay big bucks for eviction. All costs incurred for the work necessary for the start of the season are currently being made. The money must be made available to the clubs as soon as possible. When pre-selling online, the money is transferred to the bank account within a few days. »

By pre-selling snowmobile drivers can save money and clubs have the necessary sums at the start of the season.


After two years of the pandemic, snowmobilers can finally meet representatives of their association at the Grand Salon de la motoneige et du quad, taking place this weekend.

“We will be there to meet our members. We will have an on-site team composed of representatives from all files of the association. Snowmobilers can learn more about the interactive map, current regulations, volunteering and more. Magazines are distributed. meet us It’s always fun to talk about snowmobiles. In addition, several representatives from the world of tourism will be present. If you want, you can start planning your excursions. At our stand we have our partner Intact Insurance who offers civil liability insurance included with the purchase of the right of access. They will be able to answer any layperson’s questions regarding their insurance. »

So if you want to know everything about what will happen in the next few months in the world of snowmobiles and also quads, come to the Grand Salon, which takes place from Friday to Sunday at the Exhibition Center Center de ExpoCité.

This is a unique opportunity to meet countless experts who can answer all your questions.

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