1693576588 Vivo Max Pezzali Vivo concerts

Vivo Max Pezzali Vivo concerts

Max Pezzali | Saturday, September 2, 2023 • Circus Maximus – Rome


4:00 p.m. PIT doors open (entrance 2+3)
4:00 p.m.: HOSPITALITY doors open (entrance 4)
4:00 p.m. VIP PACK doors open (entrance 4)
4:30 p.m. Entrance to PRATO (entrance 1+2+3)
7:00 p.m. Doors open PRATO 2 (entrance 1+2)


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– To access the facility, it is necessary to have a valid ID, which the spectator must also present at the request of the control staff in order to verify the correspondence between the holder of the access card and the owner of the same;

– The spectator has the right and obligation to only occupy the assigned sectors/zones and therefore, by purchasing the ticket, undertakes not to occupy any other sectors/zones.


– The spectator may be subject, including by security personnel, to checks and controls using metal detectors or the pat-down method, aimed at preventing the introduction of illegal, prohibited and/or dangerous materials, and is obliged to comply with them instructions provided;

– By purchasing the admission ticket, the viewer acknowledges the right of the organizer and his representatives to have such checks carried out on people and/or on bags and packaging or other items brought with them, without making any exceptions.

It is forbidden in the stadium:

To. Expose any form of racial, ethnic, religious discrimination or other manifestations of intolerance through songs or writings;

B. Parking near passageways, exits, entrances, along access routes, escape routes and other escape routes without a legitimate reason;

C. Climb the plant structures.

D. Introducing, possessing or firing rockets, flares, fireworks and fireworks or other instruments capable of emitting smoke or visible gas;

And. Bringing/wearing/displaying T-shirts or other clothing with offensive inscriptions;

F. Bringing in or storing stones, knives, bottles, containers and glass items, helmets, suitcases, large and medium-sized bags, etc.;

G. Idea of ​​animals of any kind;

H. Introduction of umbrellas, except those of small dimensions and without tips;

The. Introduction of video cameras and SLR cameras;

L. Introduce binoculars and telescopes; M. Introduction of drones (or other remotely controlled aircraft) of any size;

N. To carry out any commercial activity within the stadium and in the reserved outdoor areas;

or. Behaving violently, threateningly, or otherwise abusively toward others.

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