Viviane Araujo shows pregnant belly in pool Baby Mom

Viviane Araújo shows pregnant belly in pool

Viviane Araújo posts a beautiful photo showing the belly of the 6month pregnancy and wows the fans

The actress Viviane AraujoShe, 47 years old, pregnant, took to her social networks to post a beautiful and emotional selfie. She shows her six month pregnant belly. In the picture, the muse of Salgueiro and Mancha Verde appeared in a bikini and was hugged by her husband. William Militao.

The muse who traveled to the Lagos region of Rio de Janeiro this weekend. She takes advantage of the beautiful scenery to enjoy a nice sunny day next to her husband. Excitedly, Vivi wrote in the post’s caption: “Relaxing in this paradise! The three of us,” commented the new mom.

Once Viviane Araujo published the post on her feed, fans of the famous actress filled the post with loving comments to the actress. “Wonderful Queen,” fired one netizen. Another said: “Gorgeous couple”. And another declared: “God bless you today and always with the grace of God mighty.”

Vivi and Guilherme Militão have been together since late 2019. She comments that the two have known each other for a while but never thought they could be such a passionate couple.

The couple made the civil partnership official in May 2021 in a ceremony attended by just a few guests. In September of the same year, they hosted a beautiful party for 300 guests. In a recent interview with Revista Quem, the actress said that even though she dreamed of being a mother, she never considered motherhood a priority in her life, in the other relationships she had. But that changed when she met Guilherme.

Viviane Araujo mentioned that she always put work first and hadn’t found the man of her life yet either. But it was different with her current husband. Ever since she met him, she hasn’t wanted to think about anything other than wanting to be a mother and starting a family with Guilherme, she said.

Viviane Araújo publishes belly clicks and inspires fans

Reproduction Instagram Viviane Araújo appears next to her husband Guilherme Militão, showing 6monthold belly

Viviane appears on a beautiful sunny day showing her 6 month old belly

Reproduction Instagram Viviane Araújo poses in a bikini and shows her 6monthold belly

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