VivaRai2: Fiorello remains without light.  It’s Sabotage

VivaRai2: Fiorello remains without light. It’s Sabotage

The Sicilian comedian’s morning program suddenly darkened: moments of disorientation. The showman’s irony: “You can’t really mention this country”

Posted on: January 19, 2023 07:29:00VivaRai2: Fiorello remains without light.  It's sabotage

Technical problems this morning at VivaRai2: Suddenly the lights went out and Fiorello’s morning show stayed on dark in its transparent cube. It happened about halfway through the episode, when all the projectors in the studio went out and darkness engulfed the Sicilian comedian’s “courtyard.”

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Moments of confusion with the entire cast thinking they were off the air and lingered for a few seconds confused. Then, when it was determined that the live broadcast was still in progress, the show continued until power was restored.

Inevitable, even in the difficult moment, the irony of Fiorello, who noticed the strange coincidence between the lack of light and the reviews made a few moments earlier on theSaudi Arabiaa country that has always been at the center of international controversy last night because of its limitless economic power and little respect for politics, human rights and theater Duel between Milan and Inter for the Italian Super Cup, which the Nerazzurri won with a clean 3-0, to the delight of the conductor, a big Alfa fan.

In any case, after a few minutes, the electricity returned and sparked a liberating “E luce fu!” from the cast of the show.

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