Vittorio Brumotti robbed while on vacation in Los Angeles: “They put a gun in my mouth”

Vittorio Brumotti robbed while on vacation in Los Angeles: “They put a gun in my mouth”

Vittorio Brumottisent by Strip the newsattacked los Angeles, where he was with his girlfriend Annachiara Zoppas. Fear for the couple, who were out with some friends in the city California Saturday night. The Striscia correspondent, who has been targeted for years for his work against drug trafficking, was robbed in broad daylight. And then it was he himself who recounted those moments of fear: “They put the butt of a gun in my head and I woke up on the floor with another gun in my mouth, it was a horrible moment,” he said .


“Brumotti, there’s a bounty on your head. Foggia shoots you »: Trapper from San Severo threatens the envoy from Striscia

Brumotti speaks about the attack in Los Angeles

«I’m here on vacation with Annachiara. I’m making videos riding my bike on the Pacific Ocean, the coast’s main street, and in the distance I see two boys arguing. I decide to walk away, to change direction, but shortly afterwards I notice four people on their bikes following me. While I am trying to push a friend of mine and Annachiara away, they hit me in the head with a gun butt, throw me to the ground, fill me with kicks and punches, put another gun in my mouth and take my watch and backpack. Then they turn to Annachiara: I try to react but I half fainted. At this point they decide to flee, throwing away one of the guns which I then find. Fortunately, the police intervened in a short time with several patrols and even a helicopter. Annachiara was horrified, but it’s ok. Apparently they had been “tagging” me for some time: there were four black boys, around 20 years old. I’m a bit used to aggression, but what happened today is certainly the record of violence I’ve ever suffered ».