Vittorio Brumotti has found his true happiness with him the

Vittorio Brumotti has found his true happiness with him: the photo that proves it

Who does not know Vittorio Brumotti, the intrepid correspondent of Striscia la Notia and champion of the cycling trials, a sport that has allowed him to enter the Guinness Book of World Records several times?

However, Brumotti does not limit himself to challenging danger on two wheels: he also denounces crime, with a courage that has often caused him problems, as he has been the victim of numerous attacks.

vittorio-brumotti-solospettacolo.itVittorio Brumotti –

Last summer, mid-August, on vacation in Los Angeles with his partner Annachiara Zoppas was aggredito and robbed. A nasty adventure that he feared above all for his girlfriend, who has been with him since 2018, a year after Brumotti’s long relationship with Giorgia Palmas, now married to Filippo Magnini and with him a daughter, Mia, ended. Has.

Lucky with Al Bano!

After the bad adventure in the United States, Vittorio Brumotti returned to Italy and visited someone with whom he … found happiness! He wrote it himself on Instagram: “Here is true happiness” and never has the caption been more apt as the photo posted is of him by bike with Albano Carrisi. But what was Brumotti doing there? He explains it, a post on his Instagram profile, Ludovica Casellati, LadyBici, who supports Brumotti in format “On the Wine Routes”, a hiking program, of course on two wheels, that goes from region to region Discovery of Italian food and wine heritage.

“On the wine roads” by bike to Cellino San Marco

The two of them visited Apulia together at the end of August: first a stopover at the Massera Lireni by Bruno Vespa, where they tasted the precious Primitivo di Manduria, made on the estate of the journalist, landlord in Porta a Porta. Then they moved on Cellino San Marco, in the Al Bano Estates owned by the famous Apulian singer. It was here, in the estate’s well-stocked wine cellar, that Brumotti took the photo with Al Bano, which was subsequently posted to Instagram.

vittorio-brumotti-albano-carrisi-solospettacolo.itVittorio Brumotti and Al Bano at Tenute Al Bano –

But it is still Ludovica Casellati’s profile that we discover the most: the singer greeted her and then, in the basement, Ludovica, Brumotti and Al Bano “played” on the notes of Felicità, one of Carrisi’s most famous songs. Ladybici posted the video with the caption on her Instagram profile “Luck! It’s a glass of wine with a sandwich, luck“.

With @brumottistar we visited @albano_official_ in the basement of his estate. We tasted wines that tell stories, Don Carmelo, Felicità, Plato. Poems, emotions, songs locked in a bottle”. Finding happiness with Al Bano isn’t exactly a metaphor…

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