Vitao gets kicked out of Ivetes show Denilson cries with

Vitão gets kicked out of Ivete’s show Denílson cries with the situation

Patrícia Abravanel’s salary Vitão is banned from Ivete’s show Denílson cries with the situation

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Patrícia Abravanel became one of SBT’s biggest highlights. In 2021 she began to replace her father, Silvio Santos.

But, the unanswered question, what’s the artist’s salary to replace the Brazilian TV icon?

According to the portal “Observatório da TV” Patricia Abravanel earns around BRL 250,000 per month.

However, this value does not neglect the advertising supplements that the artist makes, which increase her salary even more.

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Last Saturday the 7th, Vitão was banned from the Ivete Sangalo Show, held at the Universo Spanta Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

According to information from “Em OFF” the artist was asked to leave the stage on the side Nice Gil.

Because a producer of an event would not have recognized Vitão and Bela Gil and asked for them to be removed from the place with the help of security forces.


During an interview with Ticaracaticast, Denílson couldn’t contain his emotions as he recalled a visit to Seville, Spain.

It was then that the artist was invited to a local bar. When he arrived he was surprised to see that there were several pictures of him there.

Additionally, a local companion began crying, revealing that his nowdeceased father was a huge fan of Denílson.

According to the artist, the man introduced him to his daughter and revealed that he was the professional that the girl’s grandfather talked about so much.

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