Virus sharing tutorials on YouTube Geeko Le Soir

Virus sharing tutorials on YouTube – Geeko – Le Soir

Artificial intelligences capable of reproducing voices and faces are used to pretend they are real tutorials. In addition, hackers hijack well-known YouTube channels to build trust.

YouTube tutorials are very popular and help many struggling people. For example, if you have a problem with Word, you can be sure that a tutorial on YouTube will help you solve this problem.

However, the site cloud sec Warning about the proliferation of fake tutorials aimed at spreading malware. These tutorials are entirely generated by artificial intelligence capable of synthesizing voices and reproducing human faces. The process is simple: a digitally generated “person” assures you that it’s possible to get paid software like Photoshop or Premiere Pro for free. To do this, simply follow the instructions of the so-called tutorial, which will lead you to a specific link. This link is actually a file that contains malware like RedLine, Raccoon or Vidar. Therefore, once the document is downloaded, the person does not end up with Photoshop or Premiere Pro, but with malware capable of harvesting banking and personal information.

Virus sharing tutorials on YouTube Geeko Le SoirAn example of a fake tutorial / Credits: Cloudsek

To achieve their goals, hackers hijack YouTube channels with many subscribers. Hence, people watching these fake tutorials feel confident. Also, fake positive reviews are posted in the comments section of the video. As Cloudsek points out, YouTube sometimes takes several hours to restore a hacked channel, giving hackers enough time to set their trap.

Be aware that these fake tutorials are created in different languages ​​and can be found on other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

To avoid falling for this type of scam, there is no magic solution, simply do not download this paid software that is presented as free.

The proliferation of fake tutorials on YouTube shows us once again that hackers do not hesitate to mobilize artificial intelligence and new technologies to achieve their goals. Recently, malicious individuals have started using artificial intelligence capable of reproducing voices to capture victims’ relatives.

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