Virginia Fonseca detonates after speaking out on election Shame

Virginia Fonseca detonates after speaking out on election: ‘Shame’

Influencer Virginia Fonseca has faced criticism online after she commented on the “deliberate voting” in the 2022 elections, taking place across the country this Sunday (2/10). In her Instagram Stories, Zé Felipe’s wife asked people to reflect on her principles.

“And today is election day!!! Choose wisely, it is our right and it is up to us to decide what is best for our Brazil,” he began.

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Virgínia Fonseca was born in Connecticut, USA and is currently an influencer, youtuber and businesswoman in BrazilReproduction/Instagram

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The 22yearold is married to singer Zé Felipe, son of Leonardo, with whom she has little Maria Alice, the result of a relationship with musician Reproduction/Instagram for just over a year

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Virgínia began working over the internet in 2016. At the age of 17, the young woman discovered her calling in front of the camera when she moved to Portugal and started a YouTube channel Reproduction/Instagram

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In the 3rd video published on the platform, Virgínia saw the number of subscribers increase to 100,000 and took a liking to the Reproduction / Iude social network

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Two years later, the influencer began collaborating with Rezende, one of Brazil’s biggest YouTubers and internet entrepreneurs. The two had a relationship that lasted until early 2020.

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In April 2020, the blonde began dating Zé Felipe and has since become a reproductive/Instagram internet phenomenon

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Despite the end of the relationship, Virgínia and Rezende continued to record videos together as she had a contract with her ex’s company and the atmosphere between the two seemed harmonious.

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In early 2021, however, the influencer broke her contract with Rezende and the two fought a legal battle. He asked to be fired and she asked for worker rights. Eventually, Virginia lost the case and was ordered to pay her exboyfriend compensation.

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Currently, Virginia earns millions annually from various campaigns on social networks. Leonardo’s daughterinlaw is even one of the most soughtafter influencers from brandsReproduction/Instagram

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The Youtuber revealed that she earns around BRL 500,000 per month posting videos on her Reproduction/Instagram channel

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Maria Alice, on the other hand, while still young, has already accumulated 6 million followers on the Instagram profile overseen by her mother and father Zé Felipe. The couple also recently announced that they are expecting their second child.


“Don’t get carried away by each other’s reality! Think about your reality, your principles and values! Vote for you, for your son, for your family, our most valuable asset,” added the influencer, making it clear that he would not reveal his vote.

The comment soon had a negative impact on social media. “Virginia wrote, ‘There’s no use thinking with someone else’s reality, think with your own reality.’ With reality, think about the other YES because government isn’t just there for you who are rich and unaffected by the high prices, public schools, public health, so think about the other YES when you vote! ‘ one netizen fired.

“She’s a millionaire just because she made videos of her waking up every day, doing Pilates and drinking juice someone else made for her. 33 MILLION PEOPLE ARE STARVING!” shouted another.

“Virginia was basically saying think about the future of our country, but don’t look away. Ignore hunger, lack of education, poverty if you don’t pull through. Shame on a person with so many followers to give that kind of positioning that can lead them to be ignorant,” said a third party.

The woman with millions of followers, many of whom don’t even come close to her means, shows her selfishness when talking so as not to think about the next one. Virginia, if it weren’t for the others, you wouldn’t be where you are now! I hope most of Brazil isn’t so selfish!!

— calm 🦂🫀 (@swautora) October 2, 2022

I can’t believe Virginia sent a “don’t look at other people’s reality, look at yours”. It must be so good to ignore the poor and live in a fairytale world

— Luisa (@IanelliLuisa) October 2, 2022

Virginia, of course, the Bolsonaro government doesn’t concern you at all, you make money by dancing with the girl on your lap all day
so it’s easy, right flower

— bias; ⭐ (@efectbangtan) October 2, 2022

Virginia in today’s stories was like, “I vote for whoever makes me richer because it’s my reality, you who are poor should chip.”

— Maryzinha FINALIST🏆 (@_gomesmary_) October 2, 2022

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