Virgínia Fonseca cancels marriage to Zé Felipe: “I don’t want to”

Virgínia Fonseca cancels marriage to Zé Felipe: “I don’t want to”

Virgínia Fonseca took a drastic stance this Friday (20) and announced his decision on his social networks. The influencer revealed to fans and followers that she no longer wants to marry Zé Felipe.

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By opening the question box on Instagram, Virgínia explained the decision to change her mind about marrying the singer in the church.


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“Guys, the church wedding is coming, God willing, it’s going to come someday, but not this year, okay? Because there are many things to do this year, next month I have the baptism of Marias and Miguel. Next month’s trip, then comes my birthday party, which I will host in Valadares,” he said.

And he continued: “Then comes Maria Alice’s birthday party, Maria Flor’s party… Anyway, lots and lots, and this year the wedding isn’t coming, God willing it will come one day. Usually at an event we have an estimate, people’s expectations. But I don’t want to limit it… whoever wants and can, go, I want it to be the best party of your life and I also want it to be the best party of my life. I will give my life to do what I want,” he said.


million revenue

Virgínia recently surprised her fans and followers by revealing the multimillion dollar earnings of one of her companies. Through her Instagram profile, she said that the company earned 168 million reais.

“And we ended 2022 with a bill of R$168 million! I just have to thank God and you first. Without words and a lot of gratitude in my heart! 1 year and 3 months at the company, that’s surreal! And I would also like to thank my partners and the team who are committed 24 hours a day,” he celebrated.

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