Violent clashes in Peru

Violent clashes in Peru

During protests against the Peruvian government, demonstrators and police clashed in the capital, Lima. Government opponents threw rocks and firecrackers at the police, the police fired tear gas into the crowd, as seen on television.

According to a report by RPP radio, the demonstrators tried to advance to the congress. Several people were injured in the clashes.

Clashes between protesters and police in Lima

APA/AFP/Ernesto Benavides

The protests are directed against the government of interim president Dina Boluarte. Protesters demand the resignation of the head of state, the dissolution of congress and the release of imprisoned former president Pedro Castillo.

The former professor wanted to avoid a no-confidence motion in December and dissolved the congress. Parliament then removed him from office. He was arrested on attempted coup charges and is in custody.

Thousands of people arrived in Lima yesterday under the slogan “Toma de Lima” (take from Lima), mainly from the south of Peru. There were also violent protests in other parts of the South American country.

In the city of Arequipa, one person died and ten others were injured, according to the state ombudsman. Dozens of people have died in Peru since protests began in December.