Viih Tube explains the disappearance of social networks chasing baby

Viih Tube explains the disappearance of social networks: ‘chasing baby stuff’

Since discovering her pregnancy, Viih Tube, 22, has been enjoying the new phase. Today, after an ultrasound, the influencer justified the “disappearance” of social networks by thinking about the baby all the time.

“I’m missing a bit here because that’s all I live for folks. All I live with is chasing baby stuff, thinking about Revelation tea, thinking about everything. I keep forgetting to post things here, all I can think about is the baby,” he confessed.

This Saturday, the former BBB had a new ultrasound and was joined by her mom. According to the celebrity, the baby’s boyfriend and father Eliezer is unable to leave the house due to his recovery from the rhinoplasty.

In Instagram Stories, he said he loves the new phase and is always excited. He added that he will try to post more things about the pregnancy.

Viih Tube also didn’t fail to mention the symptoms he felt during the pregnancy. The biggest annoyance for them is the constant urge to urinate.

“I think every symptom lets me feel my body changing to become a home for my baby. I’m so lucky that I don’t even bother with any of them in the end. But if I had to mention one thing that bothers me the most, it would be peeing all the time (literally) and unpredictable sleep,” he concluded.