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Vietnam: child in 35 meter well, race against time ANSA news agency

Vietnam is intrigued by the fate of a 10-year-old boy who has been trapped in a well for two days. A story that recalls the tragedy of Alfredino Rampi, in which hundreds of rescuers fight against time to save the little boy who fell into a 35 meter deep hole dug to make way for a pillar, intended for the construction of a bridge. A similar dynamic as with Vermicino and more recently also with the little Moroccan Rayan, just 5 years old, who was swallowed by a 32 meter deep well in February last year and retrieved lifeless after 5 days. The accident in Vietnam happened on New Year’s Eve: Little Thai boy Ly Hao Nam was near a bridge construction site in the Mekong Delta province, where he was looking for scrap metal with friends, when he fell into a bridge only 25 cm wide and 35 m deep Concrete pipeline collapsed. Immediately after he slipped inside, the little boy cried out desperately for help and help came almost immediately, but today rescuers received no sign of life despite lowering a mini-camera and pumping oxygen to help him breathe.



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