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Videotron in Music – Le Journal de Montréal

Am I the first and only cracked, cracked, or insane person who has asked to wait on the phone when calling Videotron? First of all, I didn’t want someone to answer me right away, I wanted a delay. For what? Because while I was on hold I wanted to know about the new service at Videotron. We got there.

So imagine that now you can choose your favorite music when no one can answer you right away: Classical? Pop? Of the world? Jazz? Country? We are happy to offer it to you. The choice is yours and here you are to the tunes of Pat Stapleton, Ravel’s Boléro or others while you wait for your help. Impressively. After all, it’s comfortable to wait, maybe even while typing with your foot.


No more flat flute solos to roar or bagpipes to screech like we do in the federal government. Can we comfortably wait for our taste? Well done Videotron. And to everyone else who provides a phone service where, no pun intended, you often have to be on the phone before you hear, “My name is XYZ, can I help you?”

Any special requests while you’re at it? Yes, while I’m waiting my turn, can I hear the Beatles’ “Hey Jude”? Please take your time, I would like to listen to the end. The melody lasts more than 7 minutes.

The day is not far off when a waiting customer will say to the waiter, “Sorry, I’m not ready.” Can you reply to me later? I am staying online. THANKS!


  • Weather researchers around the world disagree and still disagree. Ask. What are the worst rains? The torrential or the torrential? I’ll call Colette.
  • We can make bonfires now, but be careful, no more than 500 square kilometers.
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  • In the very latest Indiana Jones, it’s amazing to see Harrison Ford’s skill with his orthopedic whip.
  • “I turned green…” (A guy who just entered the field)
  • The police arrested him on his Sea-Doo, he was sending water messages.
  • There is not only joy in life. Must have fun too.
  • Eugenie Bouchard’s problem is setback. She has too many.
  • Unhappy. While I was filling up, the price of gas went up.

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