VIDEOS The relationship between Lupillo Rivera and the restaurant

VIDEOS | The relationship between Lupillo Rivera and the restaurant "the polar"he even has a terrace with his name

Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, better known on the music scene as Lupillo Rivera, has distinguished himself for his talent in regional Mexican music, having also been involved in various controversies during his artistic career; He is known for hits like “Grande ligas”, “El moreño”, “Sufiendo a solas” and “Fondo a fondo”.

In this sense, his image was recalled due to the relationship that the singer has with the restaurant “La Polar” in the San Rafael neighborhood of Mexico City, where a fight broke out in which one person died. .

Battles in “La Polar”

Last Sunday, January 8, violent moments erupted at said restaurant in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office after local waiters beat a diner until he was lifeless.

The facts became known because various audiovisual media were circulating on social networks; According to the partner of the 43-year-old victim, they drank in the bar and later had problems, including physical assaults and evictions.

“We were already on our way and someone told him to pay, he said don’t ‘fuck’, they threw him somewhere and started hitting him, they were all employees. They were all waiters because they wore uniforms,” ​​he admitted in an interview for Telediario.

Lupillo Rivera and his relationship with “La Polar”

“La Polar” is a space where various artists have also performed to enliven the place, as in the case of Lupillo Rivera, who has entered the restaurant on several occasions to entertain the participants.

In fact, a video is circulating on La Polar social networks in which Jenni Rivera’s own brother explained that as a tribute to the support that the place has given him and him for this space, there is a terrace that bears his name .


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