VIDEOS Issa Vegas starts in 2023 more than ready

VIDEOS | Issa Vegas starts in 2023 more than ready and in a bikini in front of the sea

Since the 2022 began to enter its death throes in December, people began to reconsider their goals for the following year, including TV stars and social networks. In this case, issa Vegas She knew for a long time that she would continue on her way as one of the most recognized influencers in the fitness world.

Although her year-end releases didn’t expect that many (she just wore a daring outfit in Santa’s colors), on this occasion she decided to do the same from January 1st, the date when all those wishes were granted They thought that every ingestion of the 12 grapes had to start working in order for it to come true.

Through a short video issa Vegas Showing off the results of her hard work at the gym, she walked the sand towards the sea in one of her pampered micro bikinis, which have details in blue and white. He also donned a turquoise Los Angeles cap and his usual glasses to protect himself from the sun.

“Are you ready for 2023?” (Are you ready for 2023?) It was the only thing Argentina wrote, meaning that this year she will give everything and nothing will stop her. That was enough for her followers on Instagram to immediately manifest themselves through countless messages in which compliments were the main detail and the rain of likes to which she is accustomed.

“Global warming”, “You’re going too far, Isa! Ufff! Nature has been good to you. Happy New Year.”, “The power of the squats is incredible”, “Best thing I’ve seen on Instagram”, “Issa how beautiful you are”, “Is it like those games: What color is the sea? Ah, was there a sea?”, “And with this beautiful gift we are ready. Happy New Year”, were some of the messages the sent to him, in addition to the heart emojis.

Issa Vegas, an example for many

For many, issa vegas She is one of the women who most motivated her to change her lifestyle as she had to be forced to do it herself, although she cared about becoming a professional model as a teenager. Unfortunately, she fell into the clutches of anorexia and even ended up in the hospital, where she changed her mind and began to build her career from the ground up.

So she became a balanced diet and went to professionals in gyms to have the best routines to best achieve her results, which she herself shared on her social networks, arousing admiration since her transformation was radical.


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