VIDEOS In a bikini Biby Gaytan was the

VIDEOS | In a bikini, Biby Gaytán was the sexiest woman to swim in the pool

She is currently a radiant woman, mother of her children and committed to one of the most solid marriages in the artistic world of Mexico. As a presenter, she has excelled in recent years through her participation in reality shows, giving herself a facet that wasn’t noticed in her early years as an artist.

And it is that if anything could be remembered Biby Gaytán, is the facet as an actress and singer which he simultaneously developed in his early years in entertainment. Additionally, her sheer presence and ability to be a naturally attractive woman made Biby one of the women most in love on the small screen in the early ’90s.

It was like this Timbiriche, a facet that lived from 1989 to 1991to the main character In Search of a Star II, Biby Gaitán she established herself as one of the women most captivated by the memory of it here.

Biby Gaytán conquers from the pool

He was young and his role as Marimar in Reach for a Star II He placed them next to later very successful artists. First, Gaytán made his first foray into Mexican telenovelas as Muñecos de Papel Ricky Martin, Sasha Sokol, Erick Rubin, Angelica Rivera, Marisa de Lille and Pedro Fernandez.

There he introduced the topic “Only a woman”, the same that was accompanied by a video clip that revealed one of his most remembered facets, that of a girl capable of being provocative and having the attraction of men to herself. With stimulating bikinis or bathing suits and a pool in which to give her best, Biby has fascinated with her unique beauty and presence ever since.

A beautiful family mother and artist

At 50 years, which he celebrated on January 27 this year, Biby Gaitán leaves everyone who looks at him speechless. The impression is absolute, of a beautiful, elegant woman, with an impeccable presence and a simplicity that evolves into friendliness and professionalism in her work.

That’s all that remains to be said The attractive young woman of yore has developed into a mature and intelligent woman capable of leading a family and guiding his young children as he did his elders.


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