VIDEOS quotHe was very aggressivequot Ana Araujo ex wife

VIDEOS | "He was very aggressive": Ana Araujo, ex wife of Pablo Lyle, testifies at Mexican actor’s trial

During the process to determine whether Paul Lyle is guilty of negligent homicide Juan Ricardo Hernandezthe Mexican actor’s wife, finally took the witness stand to give her statement about the events she and her family were involved in three years ago after they took the wrong route to get to the airport where they boarded a plane to return to Mexico.

At that time the brother of Ana Araujo, Ex-wife of Pablo LyleHe was driving the vehicle in which his sister, brother-in-law and nephews were traveling, unaware that hours later they would be involved in a homicide.

past the podium, Ana Araujo asked for the intervention of an interpreter, who carefully conveyed the questions put to him by the prosecutor about his experience with the vehicle that day Pablo Lyle delivered a fatal blow to Juan Ricardo Hernández.

During his account of the events Ana Araujo pointed out that his brother, Lucas Delfino, was driving meanwhile lyle He was co-pilot and she was in the back with her children when Lucas suddenly took an incorrect exit.

“I remember[Lucas]saying ‘sorry,’ and we moved on. (Later) we started hearing a horn playing us super loud. (The horn) was very aggressive, it took a long time. In fact, it seemed very excessive to me,” he continued Ex-wife of Pablo Lyle.

Likewise, Ana Araujo He assured that his brother apologized to the deceased today, but he was nonetheless determined to continue the conflict while yelling and insulting the passengers, adding to the banging on the windows caused by the deceased Juan Ricardo Hernandez It made her panic.

“I got very scared, my heart started beating very hard, and I heard that they hit the truck,” he said Ex-wife of Pablo Lyle after pointing out that his children started crying before being hit by the truck.

Pablo Lyle is charged with involuntary manslaughter

“I was in a panic, the kids were very scared, they were making a lot of noise and I see Pablo’s scared face when he tried to stop the truck (…) and I remember Pablo getting out of the truck and yelling at the person who was there was ‘Calm down, there are children in the car’,” he assured Paul Lyle’s wife.

So far the process is ongoing and it is not known whether the statements of Ana Araujo They are being considered in favor of her husband, who has been awaiting the final verdict for three years.


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