VIDEOS girl actress quotdroplets of lovequot Shes a singer

VIDEOS | girl actress "droplets of love" She’s a singer 24 years after the soap opera and that’s what it sounds like

Gotita de Amor is considered one of the most popular children’s soap operas on Mexican television in Mexico, exactly 25 years ago, in 1998 and since its inception the production has been broadcast TV conquered thousands of hearts.

This family-friendly melodrama starred Laura Flores and Alejandro Ibarra quickly gained popularity due to the role of the little girl who won the hearts of the audience with her sweetness, it is the Mexican actress Andrea Lagoons.

Andrea was only six years old when she managed to establish herself as one of the industry favorites with the telenovela, the producer’s debut Nicondro Dias and that would mark a career full of achievements.

Now he devotes himself to music

It is worth remembering that Andrea Lagunes played in the role of “Cabelita”, a sweet girl who was abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage where both her classmates and the principal made life difficult for her. In the plot of this story, the little girl runs away in search of her real parents while her mother, played by Laura Flores, is looking for her because she was taken from her at birth.

This story full melancholy and strong emotions conquered the hearts of millions of Mexican viewers, but years after the resounding success represented by this telenovela, its child protagonist withdrew from the limelight because, although he continued to participate in various telenovela projects small screen, the truth is he didn’t have a standout character again.

Because of this, the famous woman decided to explore new horizons around her talent, which is why she got into music and released in collaboration with the song “Call the other”. javi riosSaid music clip has thousands of reproductions and comments flattering the talent with the voice that the famous ex-stage performer has.



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