VIDEO Woman discovers scam while traveling and has unexpected behavior

VIDEO: Woman discovers scam while traveling and has unexpected behavior in hotel pool

A woman decided to take revenge on her boyfriend after discovering a betrayal during a trip to Egypt. She threw the things from the man’s suitcase into the hotel’s swimming pool. The act was recorded and went viral on the internet.

Treason throws clothes in the hotel poolDisgusted, the woman threw the clothes into the pool. Photo: Playback/Web

According to information from the English newspaper Mirror, the couple visited the country on a romantic trip. But it wasn’t just flowers. The woman discovered her partner had jumped the fence on a previous holiday in Ibiza, Spain.

The woman was devastated by the husband’s infidelity and decided to take revenge in an unusual way. She packed her boyfriend’s clothes and personal belongings into a suitcase and threw them all into the swimming pool at the hotel where they were staying.

However, the man ran after the woman to stop her, but it was in vain. Guests in the pool area were surprised by the couple’s screams. A tourist captured the scene.

In the video, the couple appear to be running around the pool until at one point the woman opens her suitcase and throws her boyfriend’s belongings into the water. She even announced to everyone around her that she was betrayed. The two continue to argue and exchange insults. “I hope you get kicked out of here,” the man shouted.

The video was shared on a TikTok profile and the post garnered over 250,000 views. “This is what happens when you get caught jumping the fence in Ibiza,” reads the caption.

The man claims the couple went on a break

The man told British tabloid The Sun that there had been no treason. According to him, they ended their relationship when they traveled to Ibiza. That way he didn’t feel indebted to the Mulier.

“We flew to Egypt and on the plane I told her I was dating someone else,” he explained. “She acted like nothing happened. But the incident happened while I was drinking by the pool and she got a text from someone confirming my new relationship.”

He also said that the two decided to spend their holidays in Egypt as friends as the tickets and hotel accommodation had been bought long ago and would incur losses if cancelled.


Woman throws suitcase into hotel pool Video: Playback/Internet