VIDEO: the time "Mr. Ramon" brought a gay character to life and almost nobody knows her

VIDEO: the time "Mr. Ramon" brought a gay character to life and almost nobody knows her

One of the main characters for “The Guy of 8” is “Don Ramón” played by Ramón Valdés, remembered for various publications in which his fans remember his acting work, because let’s remember that the stage performer comes from a family with an outstanding artistic heritage, since his brothers are German Valdes, better known as “Tin Tan” and Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, who like him found success in the world of acting.

His interpretative level was such that he seemed to be getting into his DNAsince he had a great ability to interpret all kinds of characters, from the seemingly simplest and most realistic to roles completely taken out of context in relation to him as a person.

This is precisely the case of a time when the actor had to bring a character from the LGBT+ community to life, a comedy tape adapted from a TV show with the title “The Beverlys of Peralvillo”, who worked in Mexico between 1969 and 1973 with actors such as Guillermo Rivas and Leonorilda Ochoa.

When this story was released the name of the production was replicated and in the film there is a scene where Ramón Valdés is seen bringing to life a gay character who is asking for public transportation. It is specifically a taxi driven by the actor William Rivas, better known as “El Borras” whom Don Ramón asks to move him to the pink zone.

Don Ramón and his transcendence in “El Chavo del 8”

One of the most successful Mexican comic series of all time is undoubtedly “El Chavo del Ocho”Born from the ingenuity of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, its international popularity was based on the charisma of many of its characters.

El Chavo, La Chilindrina, Quico, Professor giraffes, Doña Florinda, managed to steal the hearts of the fans; Characters whose past we practically don’t know, since most of their fame came after working on the series.

Don Ramón has become an icon that has gone down in history as we remember that in the “Chavo del 8” he was a single father and always tried to teach his daughter good life lessons “chilindrina”. What’s more, this character stands out because he’s an unemployed man on the production line who, despite struggling to pay his rent and provide a home for his daughter, never gives up and even ventures into different jobs.



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