Video Teenager intentionally runs over and kills 64yearold cyclist in

Video: Teenager intentionally runs over and kills 64yearold cyclist in the USA Itatiaia

A 64yearold cyclist died after being intentionally run over by two teenagers in Las Vegas, USA. The suspects themselves recorded a video in which they can be seen planning the crossing and hitting the cyclist a few seconds later.

In the video, the 17yearold driver can be heard talking about how he wanted to hit the cyclist while the passenger laughs. At some point they both say “Ready?” and one of the suspects states that he “hit him in the ass.” Shortly afterwards, the car hits the cyclist from behind. Watch the video:

The passenger turns the camera backwards to see the victim’s body lying motionless on the side of the road. The two teenagers continue laughing and leave without helping the victim.

The action was filmed on the morning of August 14 and the victim was Andreas Probst, a California police chief who moved to Las Vegas when he retired after 35 years on the force. A ceremony honoring the fallen police officer was held at the beginning of September.

Young people are arrested

The 17yearold driver was arrested shortly after the crime. Police discovered that the teen posted the video on his own social media shortly after he ran over the teen. As a result, he is accused of murder.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it was searching for the passenger believed to be responsible for the recording. Authorities are asking for help from anyone with information about the young man’s whereabouts.

(Article is being updated)

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