Video: Singer humiliates band during show: "I’m the one who has to show up"  On the screen

Video: Singer humiliates band during show: "I’m the one who has to show up" On the screen

A video of singer Alcymar Monteiro, one of the Northeast’s most famous forrozeiros, humiliating his band during a show went viral on social media. In the footage, taken straight from a performance in Santa Terezinha, Pernambuco, the artist interrupts the song to make the band explode, as he didn’t like the performance of the musicians who were playing.

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“It’s easy. (…) Why bend it over there? That can’t happen. I speak in public because it’s not the first time this has happened. What’s the note? Easy… Easy . Emerge is I’m the one who has to emerge. 36 years of struggle. I’m dropping this scolding because otherwise it’s going to be a mess,” detonated the forrozeiro during the show.

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The case caused so much internet buzz that members of the band were upset at the upsetting situation and resigned. Sandro Tromomba was one of the employees who requested his removal from the Alcymar complex. “With humility, teachings given to us by our parents, dignity, respect for others and professionalism. We left with a clear conscience, heads held high and strong as always to go our way in search of our dreams,” he clarified.

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Video: Singer humiliates band during show: \

Hours after the video went viral, Alcymar himself took to social media to apologize for what happened. “Our band is a wonderful band. There are musicians who have been playing with me for 30 years. I apologize for what happened. It’s not part of myself, my personality. It’s a lot of stress, travel, a lot of shows and Harassment “People are exhausted. I’m here to apologize, first to my band people, then to my audience,” the forrozeiro said in a video posted to Instagram about the demands shown in the video.

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Other singers also made demands on concerts.

Other singers are known to place high demands on their team. Paula Fernandes would have made some demands throughout her career that ended up burning her in the market. She denies all claims. According to businessman Gui Artístico, the artist even asked for a double bed in her dressing room.