Video Sidney Magal feels ill during a show in inland

Video: Sidney Magal feels ill during a show in inland São Paulo

The 72yearold singer Sidney Magal fell ill during a performance and required medical attention. The accident happened during a show at Sesi in São José dos Campos (SP) on Thursday evening (05/25).

Magal felt ill in the middle of the event and was taken care of by an ambulance backstage. Shortly thereafter, he reassured the audience over the microphone. “Everything is fine. “Including my blood, I will show that my blood boils for you,” said the singer.

This Thursday (25) the FreeRadio team was at the Sidney Magal Show, which is part of the SesiSP circuit, to cover the show “Rádio do Magal”.

The singer eventually got sick midshow and had to leave, but reassured the audience: “Everything’s fine”

— Free Radio (@freeradioapp) May 26, 2023

According to the artist’s advisor, he had an increase in pressure but did not require hospitalization and is doing well. According to a note from Sesi, Magal ended the show singing the songs backstage.


Sidney Magal Globo/João Cotta

Sidney Magal fell ill on the show at Sei  MetropolisesSidney Magal felt ill at the show at Sei

Sidney Magal got sick at a show at Sesi in São José dos Campos (SP). Instagram/@sidneymagaloficial

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Sidney Magal is 72 years old

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Sidney Magal does a series of shows called “Rádio do Magal” in which he remembers great radio songs. The appointment is kept by the artist.