VIDEO Renowned actor speaks out on Cassia Kis Bolsonarism Forum

VIDEO Renowned actor speaks out on Cássia Kis’ Bolsonarism Forum Magazine

Posted in CULTURA on 20230124 8:21 p.m

The actor and comedian performed last Monday (23). Luiz Fernando Guimaraesanchored nationally in the series The normal onesindicated by TV globewas on the show Roda Viva, by TV Culture, where he spoke about his career in television and theater, in addition to the recently published autobiography, “I am a series of 11 chapters”. He also discussed the situation of culture in Brazil with journalists.

But among so many topics, one thing particularly stood out in the detailed interview: politics. When asked, Guimarães recounted that he became politically aware at a young age, during the years of military dictatorship, when Brazilian state agents broke into his home looking for his older brother, who was involved in guerrilla groups in the dictatorship. He was then interviewed by journalist Débora Miranda about the people who are still nostalgic for the regime and are calling for his return.

“Our lady! Are there people asking about this?”, amazed Luiz Fernando Guimarães. Of course, his answer did not reveal any shock, after all, as is well known, many people, including those from theater and television themselves, share this thought. In this sense, the journalist Fernando Oliveira, better known as Fefito, recalled the participation of the renowned actress Cassia kissa colleague of Guimarães at TV Globo, in undemocratic acts who called for the annulment of the elections and for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to stay in power.

“I think that’s pretty crazy. I met Cássia Kis in a unique moment, at the yearend calls, and I fell in love with her.”said the actor. Back then, Cássia Kis took him to meet her children and over the years they maintained good relations.

But the actress’ role as a Bolsonarian meant she was no longer recognized by her peers. “I don’t recognize her. I don’t know if the person is crazy, I don’t know what was going through that person’s head. You don’t have close friends who are like, “Guys, is she okay?”. And then the press gives her a focus and ends up emphasizing that side.”the actor lamented.

Watch the full dialogue video below.