Video of cockroach ‘traveling’ through plane window goes viral in China; see

A cockroach has gone viral on the Chinese internet after a passenger filmed it “traveling” in the window of a plane in China. In an interview with Jimu News, a Chinese newspaper, the passenger, identified by her surname Guo, said she was flying from Ningbo to Xishuangbanna from China when she spotted a large cockroach in the window next to her seat.

The passenger expected the insect to only stay there for “two minutes,” so she didn’t feel the need to warn anyone. “I didn’t expect it to still be there after 3,000 kilometers. But I couldn’t tell whether it was outside the window or on the inner layer of the window,” Guo said.

In a video recorded by the plane passenger, the cockroach can be seen twitching and moving during the flight. Although the airline was not informed of the incident, an airline spokesperson confirmed that the cockroach was trapped between layers of glass and had enough air to stay alive.

The team believes the cockroach was originally in the airline’s cargo hold or luggage and crawled onto the windows. The passenger was not afraid of the insect and enjoyed the situation by watching its movements while driving.

The video she recorded eventually went viral on Weibo a sort of Chinese version of X, formerly known as Twitter where the post was viewed more than six million times. This week, the video spread again on social media, frightening netizens who were surprised that it was not possible to kill the insect. “Can they even survive above 10,000 meters?” asked one incredulous internet user.