Video!  Nursery evicts dog for 1 day and pet’s reaction is priceless

Video! Nursery evicts dog for 1 day and pet’s reaction is priceless

A dog from England recently went viral on the internet after being suspended from daycare. The black spaniel breed animal lives with his keeper in the European country. The owner usually shares the pet’s routine on social media, and one of her moments was a big hit online recently.

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The animal was published on the social network TikTok, where the teacher reads the letter she received from the kindergarten “Pula Pula”. They revealed that the dog Jack has two nicknames, one being “Selepe” and the other “Motinha”.

The woman says she received the letter saying the dog was suspended from the job. The video featuring the content already has more than 1.9 million views on TikTok.

Dog suspended from daycare goes viral and receives letter at home


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The contents of the dog Jack’s suspension letter read: “Hello, mum to the boy Pet Jack, who is nicknamed ‘serelepe’ and ‘motinha’. Jack will be suspended from daycare for a whole day.” After starting to read the document, the woman says she hasn’t worked all day. “I’m unemployed because you’re suspended from kindergarten, Jack.”

The letter continues:

“Jack didn’t behave well today, he broke into the cafeteria without permission, ate his friend Joaquim’s meal and encouraged Indiana and Bento [a participarem da bagunça]who isn’t so friendly to Jack, but went on tour with him,” says the animal daycare.

This publication was well received due to the attitude of the animal. The woman talks to him all the time and asks why he misbehaved. With this in mind, the most impressive thing is that the dog sketches reactions as if it understands its owner’s question.

The animal even seems to throw a certain “tantrum” at the end of the video if it disobeys the command to give the paw.