VIDEO: Kellner says he was fired after Cassia Kis humiliated him over an egg

VIDEO: Kellner says he was fired after Cassia Kis humiliated him over an egg

Actress Bolsonarista Cássia Kis, from Globo
Photo: Reproduction/Globo

This Thursday (19), SBT’s former waiter Rodrigo Castelli Fofocalizando said that Bolsonist actress Cássia Kis humiliated him and caused him to lose his job. The confusion would have started after the employee didn’t know how to answer the Globo actress’ questions.

The former waiter recalled that at the time of the incident he was working in a restaurant that used to host celebrities. The man then handed the menu to the artist, but she replied that she already knew what she wanted to order.

“She asked me if the egg we used was red, so I went to the chef to ask and came back to give the answer. Cassia came to me with another question, this time if the egg was fried. I went back to the chef and came back,” the former waiter explained in an interview with Fofocalizando on SBT.

At that moment, back and forth, the Globo veteran must have been irritated. “Then she humiliated me, yelled at me and told me I didn’t deserve to work there, I should get another job and some other stuff,” he said.

The man mentioned that he was fired just 10 days later because his probationary contract expired, but he indicated that the sacking was caused by Cássia. In addition, the former employee reported that he suffered multiple attacks while reporting the case on his social networks. The Bolsonarian actress has not yet commented on the incident.

Watch the video:

Exclusive! 💣 The waiter says he was fired from a restaurant after being detonated by actress Cássia Kis #FofocalizandoNoSBT

— Fofocalizando (@pfofocalizando) January 19, 2023

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