VIDEO: Juliana Paes is accused of firing a chef with depression and attempted suicide; "outraged"  Forum Magazine

VIDEO: Juliana Paes is accused of firing a chef with depression and attempted suicide; "outraged" Forum Magazine

Written in DIREITOS on 07/31/2022 08:44

A woman claiming to be a former employee of Juliana Pas used social media to do this accuse the actress of firing her after a period away from treatment for depression. In a video posted on Instagram last Friday (29), Adriana das Graças, who worked as a cook and housekeeper in Juliana’s house for eleven years, is outraged by the actress’ attitude in Globo’s “Pantanal”.

According to the former employee, she was fired by Juliana Paes after a period she was even hospitalized and attempted suicide, without offering help or giving any further explanation.

“I am deeply outraged here, you have been working for a company for 11 years and when I needed it most, this company sends me away without coming to me, without saying why. She just sends me away treatment process of depression. The INSS released me, but my psychiatrist did not. I’m treating myself for depression, I’ve tried to kill myself several times, and you, Juliana Paes, didn’t have the slightest bit of sympathy. Thank you for what you have already done and for kicking my ass,” says Adriana das Graças in Video.

The son of the former housekeeper also posted another video of the mother on his Twitter account. “You devote 11 years to a family, watch the children being born, then you get depressed, try to commit suicide, get hospitalized twice, have to go to Caps (Psychosocial Care Center) to get free medication because no one will help you, thank you very much, Juliana,” says the woman.

Adriana das Graças told website Em Off that she quit her job last November while on vacation from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and would return to her duties at the end of July, but ended up being fired. She also said the actress called her after seeing the post on social media saying she had helped her on several occasions.

What does Juliana Paes say?

Juliana Paes had not commented publicly on the exemployee’s complaint until the publication of this article. However, in a statement to the website Em Off, the actress’ press office goes denies wrongdoing in the termination by Adriana das Graças.

“Last July, the employee was actually fired. Juliana and her family have always been careful and respectful of the personal issues Adriana was going through during this time and this would never be the reason for the end of the contract. Juliana let Adriana work for years to treat the disease and went beyond her obligations as an employer with medical and financial help. The dismissal was made for other reasons and within the framework of the law, guaranteeing all rights to the former employee. In addition, Juliana will not comment on the case again,” the statement said.