VIDEO.  It’s even colder than usual in ‘the coldest city on earth’

VIDEO. It’s even colder than usual in ‘the coldest city on earth’

The Russian city of Yakutsk in Siberia is used to extremely cold January months. But the cold spell that has hit the region for several days has brought temperatures to record levels. For example, -51.8°C was measured there on Monday morning. That is almost 11°C less than usual for the season.

“Actually, it’s very simple,” explains Anastasia, who lives in Yakutsk and obviously doesn’t mind the (even) lower temperatures. “I have two mittens, two scarves. Warm shoes are essential. And you must cover your head.” This Sunday, Nurgusun sells fish at the city market. Outside. She also puts that into perspective: “We dress accordingly and (feel) very comfortable. That’s all (…) Just dress warmly, in several layers. Like a cabbage. »

Despite everything, some residents of the city, 5,000 kilometers east of Moscow, admit to suffering from the cold. “It’s very cold today. I think -51 °C is very cold. We’re frozen. But thanks to customers we’re moving, so that’s how we warm up,” says Alyona, also a vendor at the market.

The entire region around Yakutsk is particularly affected by this polar cold. The mercury in Tongulakh even dropped to -62.4°C.