VIDEO Huge 3meter crocodile found with human body in mouth

VIDEO: ‘Huge’ 3meter crocodile found with human body in mouth

Last Friday (22), in a shocking scene, an impressive 3meter crocodile was spotted with a human body in its mouth in Florida in the United States. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the victim’s identity as 41yearold Sabrina Peckham.

crocodile Crocodile sacrificed after being found by police Photo: yalnız kurt/Twitter/Reproduction/ND

Authorities responded quickly and euthanized the animal after the incident. However, the mystery surrounding Sabrina’s cause of death remains as it has not yet been clarified.

The uproar caused by the tragic incident prompted Sabrina’s family to launch a campaign to raise money for her funeral. The victim was living homeless and camped in the area, exactly where his body was discovered.

Seen other crocodiles

JaMarcus Bullard, a witness to the incident, reports seeing the crocodile carrying Sabrina’s body and explains that he has seen many crocodiles in the area, but never one this impressive.

“I realized there was a body in his mouth, so I started recording,” said Bullard, who immediately alerted authorities to the situation.

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In Florida, residents caught a crocodile with a human body in its mouth Video: yalnız kurt/Twitter/Reproduction/ND