Video Gusttavo Lima gets hit by a bottle and evicts

Video: Gusttavo Lima gets hit by a bottle and evicts a woman from his show

Sao Paulo

Singer Gusttavo Lima was surprised during a New Year’s Eve show in Fortaleza (CE) after a woman threw a bottle of water in his face.

Dissatisfied, the musician dismissed the person from his presentation and ordered security to go to her for a quick exit (see below).

According to video reports, that would have been the third attempt to hit the singer, who was asking for respect, after nearly injuring himself.

“Stripes [a mulher] or I take it. Respect is the minimum. Respect is not earned. Respect, you were born with it. Speaking of respect, you have no respect,” he said.

After the confusion, the woman left the front rows of the presentation. Lima also suggested that the organization of the event refund the amount they paid for the ticket, which could cost between R$700 and R$2,500. Wanted, the singer did not comment.