VIDEO: Daisy Anahy, wife of Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz, shows off the results of her nose job

VIDEO: Daisy Anahy, wife of Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz, shows off the results of her nose job

While Eduin Cazsinger from group of companiesHe hosted the Premios Juventud, his wife Daisy Anahy underwent cosmetic surgery. And it so happens that your spouse has become one of the most important public figures of today, because the young woman accompanies him privately and supports him in professional matters.

The celebrity recently announced on her social networks that she has undergone cosmetic surgery the mother of Geraldine and Gerardo, children she fathered with Eduin Caz Rhinoplasty was performed, that is, a surgical intervention that mainly solves the aesthetic problems of the nose.

Daisy, the wife of the head of Grupo Firme, has uploaded several videos to her social networks celebrating her recoverybut also shared a photo taken by Dr. Alan Burgos, the specialist who performed the procedure, showing the beautiful result.

The 28-year-old has undergone a number of aesthetic surgeries, not only the one now boasting her nose, in addition to liposculpture, Eduin Caz has shared videos on social media.

To complement her transformation, Daisy exercises and exercises with her partneralthough he has said that he does not like physical activity, he tries to combine everything with proper nutrition to achieve the desired results.

He has been dating Eduin Caz for more than 12 years, the couple has overcome several moments of crisis and even some of the singer’s alleged infidelitiesFor several weeks it was rumored that he had been with another woman and that there was evidence of his actions.

Then there were those who assured that the controversial couple was separated and there was no turning backfor it was the interpreter of “Ya supĂ©rame” who revealed that everything was a lie and that they enjoyed their children and their love.

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