Video A rapper threw a rain of dollars from the

Video: A rapper threw a “rain of dollars” from the balcony of a luxury hotel in Cuba, causing controversy

The crowds caused the island’s telecommunications system to collapse.

A dollar rain from the balcony of a luxury hotel in Cuba elicited mixed reactions from island residents. This Thursday the American rapper 6ix9ine would have thrown US bills from the terrace Grand Packard Hotellocated on the avenue Paseo del PradoIn Havana.

The event quickly brought together a crowd lingering in the area crowding to get in between scream and shove the money, along with the young fans who had previously waited at the door of the establishment for the rapper to come out and take a picture with him.

The images circulating on social networks even show some climb on car roofs to get ahead of the rest and get more money. In some cases, the bills thrown reached the $100. This sum is more than three times the average salary in Cuba, which is less than $30 a month.

Some of the bills tossed were US$100, more than three times the average salary in Cuba.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive at the scene and bring the situation under control. As a result, no injuries or property damage were reported.

In any case, the agglomerations led to a communication erroras reported by many mobile phone users Etecsa. The service changes began around 7:00 p.m. local time, when people ran out of data on their cellphones and even phone communications were halted, news agency AFP noted.

“We are informing our customers that there are currently impacts on mobile services. Work is underway to identify the outage for the earliest possible recovery,” they told the monopoly, specifying hours later that “cellular services are beginning to restore operations,” although some numbers are still having “difficulty accessing the registered service.” .

The episode resulted in outages in communications service, which was restored after a few hours

The rapper is known for wearing one eccentric lifestyle And it wouldn’t be the first time he’s performed this action. However, some versions suggest that it was not he who threw the money, but rather it would have been someone “dressing like him.”, as the artist commented in an Instagram video. In any case, that theory lost credence after he showed the crowd from the hotel room in a previous shot shared on his profile, implying he was actually there at the time of the “dollar rain.”

The episode, which was well received by residents suffering the consequences of the acute economic crisis that the island has been going through for years, was criticized by the official statement.

The director of the Cubadebate website, Randy Alonso FalconIn an article published this Friday, she dismissed and commented on the rapper’s stance “Even if Elvis Presley himself is resurrected, he cannot come to Havana to put on these humiliating shows. If you want to be generous with your money, there are other ways and purposes.”. In this way, Falcon endorsed the position of the regime Miguel Diaz-Canel who ignore the poor living conditions on the island and perpetuate their narrative that the ills besetting them are the fault of US sanctions and blockades.

(With information from EFE)

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