Victoria Ruffo: That’s how tall her twins Vicky and Anuar look

Victoria Ruffo: That’s how tall her twins Vicky and Anuar look

Even though Victoria Rufo She has tried to be very discreet with what she shares about her personal life, especially when it comes to her two youngest children, the twins vicky Y yearly, as the children grew up, the actress allowed herself to be a little more frank when talking about her children and so on her social networks you can find some photos where the twins are the protagonists. Like recently, when Victoria shared a beautiful postcard of herself with her two children, taken on the twins’ 18th birthday they celebrated a few days ago. And while the image in itself is adorable, it is what caught the attention of their fans, how older Vicky and Anuar look, who have finally left the childish image and are now all teenagers reaching adulthood to have.

Victoria Ruffo and her three children


Via her Instagram profile, Victoria shared the photo, which caused a stir among her fans. And it so happens that the twins in it are celebrating their birthday with cake, while the actress in the middle is hugging her little ones effusively and everyone is posing happily with a big smile on her face. “Congratulations! I love her!shared the most emotionally iconic actress, following the discretion that has always characterized her and with which she usually treats herself on her social networks when it comes to private life.

The photo predictably caused a stir among his followers who, in addition to best wishes to the young birthday boys, also noted how amazing the twins look now, which the protagonist of Corona de Lágrimas 2 has tried to keep away from the limelight and public scrutiny so that they surprise everyone at every performance how different they look.

Victoria Rufo

Above all Omar Fayad, the father of the minors, also congratulated his children through his social networks, where he not only dedicated a few kind words to them, but also showed the before and after of his little ones, proving the change that the twins have undergone over time. “Happy Birthday Vicky and Anwar! From the moment they were born their mother @victoriaruffo and I were very happy, they changed our lives. I’m very proud of you, I love you. Congratulations, children!” shared the touched politician.

The life of a mother of two teenagers

Having two teenagers of the same age at home was quite a challenge for Victoria Ruffo. And the interpreter realizes that at this age everything becomes more complicated. However, it’s not a challenge she can’t handle as Victoria perfectly understands what it means to be a teenager and she approaches this stage of her life calmly and with great patience. “It’s a bit complicated because age itself is complicated and then having a boy and a girl, they’re really so different (…) When we were that age, we also suffered from the same thing, we did back then talked about everything and we will continue to talk about it, because the truth is that with children you always have to be on your guard, ”the actress said in an interview with the Hoy program.

Omar Fayad and his two sons