Victoria Ruffo talks about José Eduardo Derbez and her relationship with Omar Fayad

years before, Victoria Ruffo He made the decision to unite his life in marriage Omar Fayad. But beyond the sentimentality and the strength of this love that led them to plan a life together, the actress also took into account a fundamental aspect from the beginning; Your partner should love and treat your child well, Jose Eduardothat she had during their relationship Eugenio Derbez. Over time, the interpreter was able to be so proud of the good coexistence of the two that there is a kind of paternal bond that both have previously spoken about, a situation that the protagonist of soap operas, also known as Corona de Lágrimas, addresses his firstborn son’s recent statements about Fayad.



Victoria, happy with the coexistence between José Eduardo and Omar Fayad

Sincerely, as she usually does with the media, Victoria spoke about the good treatment between her husband and her son José Eduardo, who also recognized the politician’s kindness and affection for him since he was little. “I am very happy that my son gets along well with my husband, and my husband gets along very well with my son, he loves him very much, he protects him very much…” said the actress during a speech on television Despierta América, a space in which he touched on this topic of his personal environment, an area that he normally prefers to keep away from media attention.

Let’s remember that it was in 2001 when Victoria and Omar made the decision to get married after meeting at a restaurant where they both met a few friends, as the couple said in an interview with the now-defunct Cristina Show said shortly after their wedding. Wedding. Coupled with these memories, it also becomes clear how important it was for Ruffo to be sure that Fayad would treat his son well, which happened once they started a family. “It was a very important situation for me to be able to marry him so that he would love my son and treat him well…” said the melodrama star, who is now the mother of two more children with the politician, twins Vicky and Anuar. who turned 19 last August.


What did José Eduardo say about Omar Fayad?

José Eduardo Derbez has fond memories of living with Omar Fayad from his childhood. The young interpreter spoke about it as openly as usual, also taking into account the position of his father Eugenio. “They both like my parents; one biological and the other accompanied me throughout my life. Since he came into our lives, it was just my mother and I, and since he came into our lives, it became very clear to me that the parenting was really going to be done by my mother and that I had a father…He became a friend for me. and a father figure in the house. Advice, yes, he always gave me advice, he told me when I failed (at school)…” he said in an interview with the television program Despierta América.

Likewise in a conversation with Yordi RosadoJosé Eduardo recalled the moment his mother told him about Omar’s marriage proposal and remembered how she viewed the situation, but not without consulting him first. “When Omar proposed to my mother, my mother said to me, ‘How do you see that?’ You and I are a team, we are one, but you are there first. This person is suggesting this situation to me’… I wanted to see my mother happy, and I wanted to see her happy with him. I saw her getting ready, she was looking for her best dress, her best clothes, she was getting ready when she went out with him. I saw her happy, I saw her in love, I saw her excited, I said, “That’s what I want to see!” When my mother told me it was like, ‘If it makes you happy, if you’re happy “I’ll be happy,” he said. At this point he also talked about the day he met Fayad. “The first time I met him, the three of us went to dinner together. My mother had already told me that she was dating someone, that she was seeing someone… The first time Omar picked me up to go to dinner with my mother… The day Omar arrived in his truck, he got off He opened the door of the truck for me and said to me: “José Eduardo, get in.” He picked me up, put the belt on me, very nice…”