Very unusual weather events according to one

“Very unusual” weather events, according to one expert

Hail, destructive winds, violent storms and tornadoes: Quebec has experienced a wave of particularly worrying weather phenomena in recent days.

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When thunderstorms and high winds are common in Quebec, tornado warnings are less the case.

“Gusts of wind combined with thunderstorms caused speeds of 144 km/h yesterday […]’ notes Gilles Brien, meteorologist for Environment Canada, in an interview with LCN. He also adds that such weather events are “very unusual” for Quebec.

And despite the already significant damage to the four corners of the province caused by the fierce winds, Mr Brien warns that “it’s not over yet”.

He adds that occasional climate records are normal, but that a number of records can quickly become worrying.

“It’s a very early start because summer is a month away,” the meteorologist warned.

Watch the interview with meteorologist Gilles Brien in the video above.